Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Homecoming blowout puts Badgers at fourth in their division

        Closing out their third blow out game against the Rincon Rangers, 45-0, the Badgers move to the 22nd rank in Arizona and fourth in their division.
“Everyone got in and everyone got playing time,” Head Coach Justin Argraves said.
The Badgers set everything in motion when a quick 1:20 second drive led to the first touchdown, a 35 yard reception by Senior Elijah Anderson.
After quickly stopping the Rangers in their tracks, only letting them have -25 yards, Rincon punted it short which led to another short drive completing it with a touchdown by senior Donnovan Moore, with a lot of time left still in the first quarter. Shortly after the Rangers fumbled the ball giving the Badgers another touchdown, a 23 yard run by Moore once again.
Every possession by Tucson after that, in the first quarter, led to a touchdown. 
Then when the Badgers were up 35-0, in the second quarter, the Rangers own Jaid Coronel gave the team a glimpse of hope as he intercepted the ball at the 23 yard line to then run out of bounds.
After the interception Rincon quickly drove down the field to get into field goal position but was then denied a field goal by the Badgers goal line defense.
On the last possession by Tucson in the second quarter, the Badgers drove the ball down to get to field goal range and kick a field goal in. While the Rangers closed out the first half with 2 incomplete passes and a score of 38-0.
As the second half started Tucson put some new players in to get them ready for next year. One of the players, Sophomore DeShaun Flannigan, was put in to see how the next years starting Quarter Back looked so far in the season.
With the new players came some sloppy play by the Badgers offense but the defense still remained intact.
“It was sloppy because we wanted to get new people in,” said Moore. “They looked new, they gotta get more playing time, but theres definitely a lot of potential there.”
It was only after the Badgers closed out the third quarter with a touchdown pass to Anderson that no more points were put on the board.
“Any win will bring up any hopes, its just about the spirit of the team,” senior Roman Soto said.

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