Monday, October 21, 2013

The Badger State of the Union Address

The quarterly address for the Tucson High classes took place on Oct.16. Seniors met at the auditorium with Dr. Clarice Clash to discuss the goals for the 2013-2014 school year.

Dr. Clash began the address by presenting the goals from the previous year. With her main goal of changing the school letter grade from a “C” school to a “B” met, the momentum transferred over to this year.     

Every quarter there will be a State of the Badger address. This is to directly inform students about important news occurring around THS, get the school academic status.

The theme of the address is “Committed 2 Graduate” (C2G) and the new goals revolved around the phrase. This year’s focus was on attendance, conference period, and to once again raise the school grade from a “B” to become an “A” school.

Attendance was also one of the main goals, the reason being that the school attendance should be at 95 percent and it’s currently at 92 percent. Clash presented data to shows that students in higher grades have lower attendance rates than students in lower grades. 

With the address exclusive for the senior class, the main goal for the class of 2014 is to make sure each senior graduates.

Clash is also pushing towards students enrolling into Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes. A new element introduced this year was the mandatory conference period for all athletes.

  Dr. Clash also informed students that on Oct. 29, there will be resources fair in the mall area. The purpose is for students to identify their resources and know where they are.

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